Getting the Block instance insertion plane

Hi guys,
Do you know how can I get the block instance current Rotation ?.
Is it possible through the block instance Xform?. I have tried to use the blockinstanceXForm and it returned to me a Transformation Matrix 4X4.How can I use that to get the current Rotation relative to the initial Rotation ?

Any Ideas pleas ?

This is how the Matrix Looks like:

R0=(0.984807753012208,0.17364817766693,0,31.5810718028205), R1=(-0.17364817766693,0.984807753012208,0,17.2116287951364), R2=(0,0,1,4), R3=(0,0,0,1)

If there is another easy way to get the Z_Rotation, just let me know pleas !.


It looks like there is an Transform.GetEulerZYZ method

I dont know how to use it though…


Hi Graham,
Thank you for your Reply. Do you have a method to generate the Minimum bounding box for a list of objects ?

Yes does this help ?

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I have found this one from (17.5 KB) Helvetosaur as well