Creased edges change after briding two SubDs

Hi, we recently started running into issues with creased edges randomly switching after bridging between multiple SubDs. Attached is an example of this happening before and after bridging. I am running Rhino 8.7, and I have observed the error at least since 8.5.

SubD_Crease bug.3dm (440.6 KB)

was this model originally made in rhino v8, or was it imported from elsewhere?

it’s odd if you redo the creases, then delete the bridge, then redo the bridge, it behaves as expected…

looks like a bug-

RH-82462 Bridge causes creases to be removed-

will update as we dig into this.

The model was made in Rhino, might have been V7, its quite old. I will take a look at remaking it in V8.