Crazy Wish -> something like Grasshopper for Illustrator

Hey Guys,
yesterday I thought a little bit about Patterns and parametric graphics. I love Grashopper and the functionality of it but it is for Rhino and more for “real CAD” and less for something really visual. I thought about a plugin with the functionality and user interface of Grasshopper for Adobe Illustrator and the functions of Illustrator. With this strong tool you could design graphics, pattern, charts, graphs and much much much more. Maybe better switch between construction with Rhino and visualization with Illustrator.
But this is only a crazy wisch… And I am a designer and not a programmer to script something like this…
Maybe after the complete translation for the RhinoOSX Version.

best regards - Pascal

As soon as McNeel acquires Adobe I’ll get right on it :slight_smile:

What is a possibility is that Grasshopper (and perhaps even Rhino) become more graphically oriented. Having a set of drawing tools available in GH directly would allow you to generate images algorithmically, and perhaps it will even stretch to an SVG or PDF vector export. Or maybe if Rhino starts supporting more traditional 2D vector graphics just baking will allow you to either export from Rhino to *.ai or just keep working in Rhino.



Or that.

There is also Nodebox: “A node-based software application for generative design.”

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Thanks for the advices. Nodebox looks great - because of my CS6 and no CC (I totally disagree with the software leasing solution of adobe!)…

I will have a look at it.