Doodlebug plugin

Hi Everyone,

I discover this plugin, doodlebug, which seems to be really useful. However, it seems to work only on old versions of rhino and illustrator. Furthermore the link to download it is dead.

Is there is a newer version or an equivalent?
Does anyone still has the install file for the plugin?

Thanks in advance!


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would love to have an update on this one as well.

Looking for this too.

@andheum updated here: Doodlebug for Illustrator CC 2018 &

Always use the search bar on the forum, searching doodlebug would bring you to those links in the first options.

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I tried my best to build the .gha file from the bitbucket project but it is simply beyond me at this point.

Iā€™d be very grateful if anyone could share the original Illustrator 2015 .gha file that was uploaded to Dropbox, or maybe walk me through how to compile it for myself. Thanks!

I put together a video explaining step-by-step how to install doodlebug on which ever build you have. Also, I rebuilt the plugin for Rhino 6 and illustrator CC 2019. Both of which can be found here on my blog:


Just finished up some add-ons for doodlebug which can be found here:

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