Crash related to ShapeDiverTextInput


Problem : when the model try to load, PC processor run to 100%, web site crashes.

This happen when we connect the shapediver input to the workflow.
When we connect it to a empty mesh, all work fine.
Here are the pictures that show how we connected the input, the case where it works, and where the error occur.

This crash seems to happen sometimes when there is no geometry in the scene, which is the case with your example. It will be fixed in the next version of the viewer.

However, I am not sure this will make the model work: note that you are not using a ShapeDiverTextInput component but the ShapeDiverTextfileInput, which can be used to upload a text file to the viewer. I am not sure that’s really what you are trying to do. The input of the geometry import component needs to contain the URL of a file to import, which you would typically set in a text panel (if it is fixed) or using a ShapeDiverTextInput (if you want to be able to set this URL directly in the ShapeDiver viewer).

Note that if the URL you set doesn’t contain geometry, or if you don’t set a default URL, you’ll also end up with an empty viewer. I suggest you always send a default geometry to this component, or that you define other outputs in your definition to make sure there is something to display when the definition is uploaded.

Ok, so we could also remove the textfileinput and use only ShapeDiverGeometryImport?
But if we put empty ShapeDiverGeometryImport input, the project will crash. So we could try to implement a default input to geometry.