Crash Grasshopper for Mac Wip 5C230w

I started to follow a course but I had to pause. After entering a few basic commands (circle, c plan, a measure, I get a window with the error message “unhanded current domain exception in .net”.
As I read in the error window the mouse voice, that specific use as the main mouse (always) a wacom tablet and a SpaceMouse Pro 3Dconnexion.

@dan @curtisw

I’m sorry you’re having problems.
Can you put together a sequence of commands that causes this error?
With those details we can probably track it down and fix it.

Yes sure.

Meanwhile, note that after you type the command _ExplicitrHistory history indicates already a mistake (I think)

Comando: _ExplicitHistory
An error occured during GHA assembly loading:
Path: /Applications/
Exception System.TypeLoadException:
Message: Could not load type ‘GalapagosComponents.GalapagosEditor’ from assembly ‘GalapagosComponents, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.

Grasshopper plug-ins are not supported yet in the incomplete “ExplicitHistory” in Mac Rhino.
Please do not try to load or use them. They will not work.

I have not loaded any plugin. I used Grasshopper for less than 5 minutes in my life. Sometimes I downloaded the file .3dm users seeking help on the forum and Rhino released their model here. It is possible that something can be installed?

Galapagos is the name of some plug-in Grasshopper components. I’m confused as to how they got into this Mac Rhino proof-of-concept experiment.
Perhaps @curtisw or @dan will know

I see. Then look news. Pending a solution I have to temporarily abandon the course of Grasshopper (free online). No problem for me.

most or a lot of it works.
just save often :wink:

@Zsimon Interesting, I had never noticed that. Thanks for pointing that out. Well, that’s to be expected…Galapagos solvers are on our list (MR-2566)…the UI portion of Galapagos will be a bit of a challenge too. You probably shouldn’t need Galapagos for a basic introduction to Grasshopper…but who knows what people are teaching these days :wink:

Now, onto the bigger problem…

What happens when you disconnect your Wacom and 3DConnexion devices and just use the mouse? Do you get the same exceptions?

Tomorrow I’ll do some tests. in the meantime I deleted 5 models downloaded from the forum (at least 1 contained parts made grasshopper)

here is the command history before the crash.

<img src="/upload<img <img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/6/1/61a21f3ad16a3eb9054cb1e37331e9bb2ffb5843.png" width=“462” height=“500”>

Before the crash I was inserting in Grasshopper the extrusion command

Hi @Zsimon-

I cannot reproduce this crash. The attached (8.5 KB) is what I believe you have shown above. Is that correct? Does ExplicitHistory crash as soon as you open this file, or do you have to do something else to elicit the crash?

Thanks for testing!

Hi @dan
When you start Grasshopper the error message appears more (by selecting the chronology). Then I run all commands that I have attached to the crash.

Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce this.

fwiw, I get a decent amount of crashes which show that unhandled exception message.
very rarely am I able to reproduce it and sometimes it happens when I’m doing nothing.

I don’t even know how to send crash reports for these and I’ll usually just relaunch and continue… I just feel weird typing to you guys “hmm. I was doing nothing… sorry for lack of info” :wink:

I see
From what I could tell, the crash occurs during the drag and drop an item (extrusion, floor etc. c.) If I can not fix this crash, is unfortunately useless to resume the Grasshopper course. It remains to understand why when you start GH an error when loading a plugin that I have NOT installed.