Cplane to match clipping plane

Hi All, is there a straight forward way to place a Cplane in the same orientation as a clipping plane? That way you could draw on your clipping plane.β€”-Mark
Thanks John

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You need to break down your problem into smaller steps and solve them individually.

First thing it is to find a way to import the desired clipping plane into Grasshopper and I found a solution here.

Hello- CPlane > Object should do it.


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I set up a macro to set the CPlane to the gumball.

I often set the gumball to an object and I might then rotate it 90Β° around an axis and then set the CPlane to the gumball with the macro.

Thanks everyone for the direction.β€”-Mark

@martinsiegrist Can u share the Macro for CplaneToGumball?

It’s a button with nothing more than this:

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Ah, duh me - didnt realize that option under Cplane :grinning: Thx

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