Covert view 2d lines into rhino


I have a bit of a weird workflow question but I am hopefu there is a rhino inside node or a python code way I can do this.

Basically what I want to do is take a view-
And extract the line work (keeping categories or sub categories) and then pass that into rhino with the corresponding layers (categories) and then locate it within rhino where I want it.

Essentially automating the manual process of exporting a plan for example of a dwg and then importing it into the rhino space.



I want to do something similar but I want to be able to take day a 2d plan with linework from revit
And bring it in as 2d linework in the rhino environment.

I believe I could export the dwg from revit and bring it in as a work session into rhino and then manipulate it.

But is there a way I don’t need to export it from revit- but rather use rhino inside to simply produce the linework directly in grasshopper and the bake it into the correct layers?



I what you import multiple dwgs into the rhino environment with gh and based on their file names give them a xy position.


Hej Sam -
Is there a question in this post?

Hi Ssw,

I see you’ve posted this multiple times so i’ve consolidated all the post to here for clarity.

Exporting to DWG from Revit is going to the most effective way of doing this.

Once exported drag an drop the dwg’s in Rhino (inserting as blocks)

once the blocks are in the file (not placed) you can reference/place and ‘do something’ to the linework.

I’ll make a small example

Thankyou! looking forward to example.

The main idea is to automate this as much as possible.