Automating export/import of DWG between Revit and Rhino

Hi! I’m super new to Rhino.Inside and Rhino and I’d like to test the possibility of automating an assignment for a Revit project by using grasshopper and Rhino.inside.

I would appreciate if you have any tips and recommendation for my questions below:

  1. would that be possible to automate exporting a dwg from a Revit plan view and import the same dwg into Rhino using a grasshopper?
  2. is it possible to exploding one hatch from the imported dwg and group the exploded lines into a block or group using a grasshopper? and if yes, can this script be apllied for numbers of hatches and create a block individually for lines from the same hatch?

I hope the questions make sense and looking forward to your comments :slight_smile:

Switching the forum topic to Rhino.inside.Revit.

I believe they just added a dwg exporter to Crumple (dynamo), we do not have such components.

Can you post an example dwg? Thanks

Thanks for you answer and updating the forum topic.
DWG-Hatch-to-Rhino.dwg (17.1 KB)

Here is very simple test dwg exported from a Revit plan view. Maybe I should explain more what I’m trying to acheive.

I’d like to extract grid lines from the surface pattern of the meterial for ceilings or floors in Revit and send it to Rhino and extrude them as surface and push the surfaces back to Revit. You might know that Ceiling or Floor Grids in Revit are not a 3d element, so I’m experimenting with RIR to see if I can find a bit easier way to get a 3d elements for these grids.

I’m thinking if I could import the dwg of the revit plan view into Rhino, then I can could collect the lines of the imported hatchs and extrude them as a surface and then push them back to Revit as DirectShape. Do you think this is doable workflow?

I know that I can’t exrtude the hatch in Rhino. Therfore I want to explode them and then group the lines from the same hatch bach together, so in this way, all the lines from the same each hatch will be translated as one DirectShape in Revit.