Import and manipulate DWG into Grasshopper

Hello everyone,

Is there a way to import a DWG into Grasshopper through Rhino.Inside?

It would be ideal if the DWG’s layers could be read and manipulated within GH.

Thank you in advance


Sure, Import the DWG into Rhino and then go with Grasshopper from there. I would use Elefront to grab and manipulate the stuff going into Revit.

Elefront would Worksession in the DWG and then that would be a dynamic link you could update.

Human is another plugin that can be used to interrogate the Rhino file once the DWG is open there.

This is a guide to how to get Rhino objects into Revit:

Does that help?

Hello Scott,

First of all, I wanted to congratulate with you and your team for the amazing improvements on Rhino.Inside. You guys are writing a piece of history here!

Regarding my question, what you suggested is working very well. We have realised that we can ask to the zmap surveyors a .3dm version rather than a dwg. To manipulate the Rhino file, we are using this component from Human and it work very well too.

Best Regards,


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