Couple of UI things

Any reason why the Properties panel can’t display the viewport properties when nothing is selected (like Win Rhino does?).

In the Display modes panel, I see the setting for turning shadows on or off but it’s not accessible (grayed out). Why?

Thanks, --Mitch

I don’t think there’s any reason not to show the viewport properties…I’ve logged this one in MR-1993…which relates to a number of other inspector-related refinements (MR-1053, MR-1054) we should make.

Are you talking about this Display Modes panel?

The Shadows checkbox will only be enabled if the Display Mode’s settings have enabled Shadows (Properties > Display Modes > Shadows > …)
…but perhaps I should be reading a nuance into your observation that I’m not :wink:

Yes. That setting (on/off) should be accessible as it is in Windows for the various display modes from the panel… Shouldn’t have to drill down into Preferences (not Properties, this is not Windows :wink:) > Display Modes > ModeName > Shadows to set it on or off.

Thanks, --Mitch

That setting (on/off) should be accessible as it is in Windows for the various display modes

Sorry, now I think I’m really confused. If Shaded Viewports have shadows disabled; and if (for the sake of discussion) the viewport in question has a tick-box for Shadows that can be enabled/disabled, would you expect it to enabled/disable all Shaded viewports, or just this shaded viewport?

Whoops! Good catch…I don’t know how that got typed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, in Windows Rhino anyway, each display mode has a unique name - you can’t have two with the same name. Doesn’t matter if it’s based on shaded, rendered, technical or whatever… I assumed that the display panel in Mac Rhino showed the currently set display mode NAME in the active viewport - as does Windows Rhino - is that not the case?

If so, I expect the panel setting to behave like the Windows setting does - turn shadows on or off for the particular named display mode that is current in the active viewport.


There seems to be a couple of bugs here…this needs more investigation. I just created a new Custom Rendered display mode from the Standard display mode. I named this “Rendered” (not advisable, I know). I was able to switch to “Rendered” (the custom one) in my active viewport and do enable/disable Shadows from the Display panel (inspector). Ok…sort of weird, but not overly so. Then I deleted the “Rendered” display mode and switched by active viewport back to the Standard Rendered display mode (with shadows disabled). Then I was able to enable/disable shadows from the Display inspector. Catch that last part…?

Then I went back to repeat this bug and I could not. Not a good sign :frowning:

Display modes do not follow the “immutable” Standard template pattern that @marlin (and I, for that matter) prefer. Tweaking a property like enable/disable Shadows should not require creating a copy…hence the Revert to default values option. But there are definitely a couple bugs going on here…I just need to repeat them. Perhaps it’s as simple as your original contention however…

What I want is for the shadows option (checkmark) to be active in the inspector for ALL display modes where it is applicable (i.e. all non-wireframe modes), regardless of whether they are the originally supplied default modes, copies of those modes, modified custom modes, or whatever… I hope that’s clear…


What I seem to be seeing is that for any custom created modes, I cannot change the shadow setting from the inspector panel. --Mitch

Yes, at least that much is clear now.

Yep. Logged in MR-2031.

I agree it can be a wild ride finding functions spread over many places referencing similar functions. I too have had problems with shadow being in multiple places so not at first obvious what does what.

This issue should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP (5E92w). Please give it a try.


(i suppose to a Windows user, the issue has been fixed… but for me, it’s a new feature :wink: )