Could the Box Morph component be made to use a twisted box as input as well?

Well, the title pretty much says it…

Please let me know which tag/category should I use when I want to suggest future features and id i should use one topic for all of them or should i make different topics.

Thank You for your interest!

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But Twisted Box is exactly what a Box Morph component uses.

as target, but i want to use one as source as well

I see, we’ll spatial morphs don’t really work that way. If you notice every Rhino morph asks as some primitive as the base, for instance flow requires a base flat surface to flow onto a curved surface.

I don’t see actually why you would need to go twisted box to twisted box? If you have something already in a twisted box it means it was deformed to get there. So might as well go from the non deformed geometry directly to the twisted boxes rather than non deformed to twisted box and then twisted box to twisted box. Maybe you can share some example where that is logical?

There was some discussion on here which I cannot find at the moment about it.

Edit: here is that discussion -

Great reference, thanks!

Tbh, I need it for a case that is particular, can;t say i can generalize it’s use.

I have this duct shape and i want to make a somewhat variable thickness offset surface for it.
The upper hole is offset with 1mm and the lower hole is offset with 0.5mm on a conical surface.
I thought I might be able to use the corners of the holes to define two twisted boxes that i can use with the Box Morph.

I also tried using Spacial Deform (custom) to get this morph, but I didn’t figure out how/if I can dismiss the falloff.

I attached the 3D shape if anyone wants to have a go at it.
As a side question, maybe someone can tell me why only one of the 4 inside edges is actually recognized as an edge. The shape was obtained using Sweep2 (it is included within the gh file).

duct (17.4 KB)

Again, appreciate your support!

I’m not sure but… i think a “box” , twisted or not, have always straight edges.
Your is not a box.

This is more a rhino thing than grasshopper… but anyway this is done with the last one.
duct (24.7 KB)

I’m guessing how can you use this shape… it have a double-curvature…

Hey, cheers for that! Didn’t think that i could use the same rails as for the first shape (although it makes sense), and I couldn’t extract the inside edges as mentioned before.
Anyway, thanks again, and sorry you had to rebuild the cone, i should have included it…