Could I modify the Repeat value in Rhino.DocObjects.TextureUvwWrapping.Repeat

I want to use the WrapU function to change my texture,but the value “Repeat” seem could not be
change? who can help me?

Hi @jerry1,
WrapU, WrapV and WrapW can be set to one of the two values of the TextureUvwWrapping enumeration: TextureUvwWrapping.Repeat or TextureUvwWrapping.Clamp. So you can set any of the wrapping direction (U, V, W) to either Repeat or Clamp.

If you want to change the repeat amount you should change the scale of the UvwTransform property, and set ApplyUvwTransform to true.

Does this information help you, or do you need more?

many thanks. I got it, using scale function already solve my problem

Cool. Enjoy developing code for Rhino! (: