Corruption: Walls only displaying in Wireframe (and Garbled Print)

Some walls (apparently at random) sometimes display only in wireframe - but the below is a severe example…

When doing well, this project looks like this:

Today for awhile it looked like this:

Should print something like this:

but printed like this:

I’ve uploaded the project to drop box for the dev team after saving it at the time of this behaviour.

Fortunately, opening and saving a slightly earlier version of the project corrected the problem, as it does with lesser versions of the issue.

David, I don’t get these display issues when I open your file… Do they appear after any particular operation or behavior?
If it happens again, select all geomtery (vaSelAll or SelAll) and update it (vaUpdate). The display issue should go away. Let me know if problem persits.

Thanks. I can’t tell what the pattern is. At this point it seems like a random occurence.

Actually the problem persists in that project. There are two perspective viewports on the layout. In each of them, the walls behind the camera do not cast shadows into view, but the solids (mouldings) on their faces do. VaUpdate has no effect on this.

I saw this behaviour with geforce gpu cards and it disappeared when I moved to older Quadro. This happens only after regenerating va graphics.

Thanks Tomek

That’s what I have.

I hope to find a work-around… Maybe some way to “un-regenerate” Va graphics - but it seem that would lose detail from a previous regeneration?