VisualARQ walls drawn in the wrong place

I am experiencing an error where some of my walls are drawn at an incorrect location (walls shown at #1 are drawn at #2 as shown below).
The list count is correct (and the correct number of walls are drawn), the input curves are planar.
Pay no attention to the wall heights; they are not important at this time.

The image below shows the definition, which is attached. (40.0 KB)

Does anyone have a clue about why the walls are drawn this way?

Hi @kevin3,

I have been testing it with your file and I got the same result. I have just reported the issue in order to find a solution.

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Hi @kevin3,

We have been looking at this issue and it looks like the problem is that some curves are not completely horizontal so the wall is not created, or they are created using the default line. So please, in order to make it work as expected, check the curves and make sure they are completely horizontal.

Thanks Alfonso. I appreciate the reply!
The walls looked to be correct in our model and your comment suggests otherwise so I should re-check closely.

To share my recent experiences, I saw what looked to be many bugs in our last design sprint that ended up being tolerance issues from bad inputs (example: there were lots of non-planar curves from bad geometry that would draw some VA elements and not others).