Corrupting Angular Dimension

The objects being dimensioned here are not blocks, but the erratic sudden displacement behaviour is reminiscent of the block dimensioning bug.

Having trouble with an Angular Dimension in layout space snapped to objects in model space which, when correct, looks like this. :

I’ve recreated it from scratch many times, replacing a corrupted version which keeps appearing without any trigger that I’m aware of. The dimension always looks like the above after I’ve just created it.

Though the corrupt version is identified as an Angular Dimension (in Properties), it doesn’t look like one; it looks like this (the text of the dimension in the image below - as displayed on my machinery - is cropped out on this forum web page unless the image is opened):

Can you provide a simple example that shows this behavior?
Also, any information at all about what you do between when the dimension is still correct and when it gets corrupted would be a great help.

Thanks Wim, I’ll send you a link to the file if you can get your email address to me. The best I can do wrt identifying the triggers will be to send you two versions of the project, one where that dimension regularly corrupts, and one where it does not. I’m never aware of what triggers the issue. Finishing the project before printing (which has involved changing a few dimensions and view mode settings, and finishing the title block) is one of the times when the corruption has occurred, but that’s been over an hour or so of tweaking the project and sometimes saving and reopening (which may be a trigger in itself.)

Please use our upload page and use my address in the second section.

Actually there’s no uncorrupt version. I think you’ll discover that any significant amount of work on the file, that dimension will sproing into distortion. I can only create a stable version by exploding it into linework.

This is a priority issue for me.

I just uploaded it Wim, thanks.