The Sproinging Dimension Problem

This gif shows a problem which occurs once or twice a week. The only action shown in the top gif is deactivating the detail window, and the 2" dimension takes off. In the bottom gif it can be discovered in the hinterland.

Hi David -
As always, we are interested in getting a simple 3dm that shows this behavior. Precise steps leading to the creation of the dimension would be very good to have.


I wish I knew so I could avoid them.

In this case it’s just the deactivation of the detail window containing objects to which I believe the 2" dimension snaps. That’s it, and one can see that the dimension sproings away the instant the detail is deactivated. The dimension next to it remains. This has been an issue in the past for some dimensions snapped to Blocks.

I recently provided a file with the type of corrupted object which was diagnosed as resulting from a dimension having been erroneously created with the start and beginning points at the same point (which isn’t the case with the dimension in this example.) I had to fix this particular issue and move on in this case, but I thought I’d post this example to indicate what I think is a bug.

The problem cropped up again this morning.
Note the 1" dimensions at the upper right corner of this window:

See how they have suddenly become corrupted and gone off into space here. It hasn’t been edited. As in the example in my initial post, something makes the dimension vulnerable to an unknown cause of corruption:

Maybe forensics on the file will identify the problem with these dimensions by comparing the pre and post corruption 3dm files below. This has been a persistent issue. A dimension could disappear from a drawing and cause serious construction problems.
Page3aPreSproing.3dm (3.6 MB)
Page3aPostSproing.3dm (3.1 MB)

It’s happening again today. The dimensions below corrupt the instand the detail view is resized.