Corner Texture Mapping

I am making a stone tile facade, but the corner never match together. The problem is I have to make the texture match with the bottom line of each side, this caused a lot of trouble in matching the corner. Is there any way to solve this? Thank you!

Facade.3dm (144.0 KB)

quick way to do this is to create a planar UV projector in the mapping slot of the object properties.

if you don’t need separate surfaces join them into one polysurface before you map it, so you only deal with one mapping widget (instead of one per surface)

click on the icon and choose 3point option and then choose the 3 points like in the screenshot:

as in the real world, your geometry might not be able to be tiled perfectly with the same tile size.

if you need to match both bottom edges perfectly, you can also use two projectors like this:
but it is not possible to match corner perfectly and bottom edge without tweaking the row heigth of the tiles. you could split the geometry, create a third projector and slightly tweak the tile row heigth.
That is how it would be done IRL, I suppose