Copying autotext with it's parent object

I’m trying to see how Rhino works for sketching floor-plans and other architecture relevant work.
I’m using autotext to keep track of the area of rooms (rectangles). The autotext is linked to the ID of the shape in question. When I copy these two (to add a new room to the plan for example) the autotext keeps showing the area of the original, and does not respond to changes in the copied rectangle, as the object ID references by the autotext doesn’t change in response to them being copied at the same time. Is there a way to make the copied autotext “change its allegiance” so to speak, to the copied shape? By for example baking them together before copying them?

Using copy/paste instead of the copy command fixes this issue for dimensions, but not for the autotext unfortunately. Could this issue be solved with Rhino alone, or do I have to crank out grasshopper?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hei Birk -

There’s a test command that lets you do this.
The workflow hasn’t been finalized but it does what you need.

I suggest that you first create a new shape in the same general area where your existing shape and text objects are located.

Run TestMatchAnnotationFields and select the existing text when you are asked to select an annotation. When asked to select the object, select the new shape. This will create a new text object “on top of” the one original one and it will automatically be selected. Add the new shape to the selection and move both to the correct location.

That is definitively less cumbersome. Works like a charm, thanks! :slight_smile: