Tag objects with text


I really like the fx options of the text in rhino 5 and 6.

What would be really useful now if i could link this text to the object position.
I can of course group them but than the usebuility is not working anymore as fluent.
Another thing i could imagine is a checkbox for the display of length and area on/off for curves or hatches.
By default the position is the Center but I can than also move the text to a position.
As soon as i only drag the object the text also moves with the object.

thx Tom

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Tom - If you group, you can make this work with Ctrl-Shift select (Sub-object selection) on either the curve or the text to change it within the group - a regular selection will get the entire group. Is that not good enough?



Hi Pascal,
the grouping works, thanks.This also solves the problem of the relationship which text has which reference, even it still can happen that there are misslinkages.
But what i am really missing is the possibilty to copy an object and the text is updated to the new objectID.


(Pascal Golay) #4

So, you attach some text to an object, copy the object and its text and you’d like the copied text to now be attached to the copied object, right? I can see how that might not be exactly straightforward to do but hopefully I am wrong. At least a quick way to assign a new object to fx style text- click click - would be good.