Attribute user text - link copied objects

Hey folks,
I am wondering. I have a text retrieving the information from the object’s attribute text. Is there a way for linking/connecting the text field with the object’s ID? So that after creating a new copy, the new text refers to the new geometry and not the original one - thus it updates it’s ID somehow?

I wrote something kind of similar for someone a while back that might be helpful to you. The source is included in the post as well.

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Thanks @Trav, the thread describes exactly what I was looking for.

Btw. do you know how does R7 deals with “title block” with textfields? What is the status of it now? Can I read upon it somwhere?

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Hi petumatr - the help file has some good stuff. Especially see the part about the BlockAttributeText text field. There’s a sample file linked from it as well.

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wow cool, thanks @wim , I should do so asap :slight_smile:

off topic - have u received the PM regarding Rhino 6 Mac - TextObject font choice

@petumatr we also just added a new User Text panel to Layout properties allowing each Layout to have it’s own UserText collection along with a LayoutUserText textfield where you can pull UserText values from specified layouts or whatever the active layout might be. Those will be very useful in generating title blocks as well.

TextFields have undergone some major upgrades for v7. Another place where we are starting to document some of those changes is located here. It doesn’t have as much useful info as what Wim posted in the help file, but it gives a general overview of what has changed.


Thanks @Trav. This looks extreeeemely promising to me. I will try to go through it more thoroughly when I have more time and give you some feedback. But from what you say, this will tremendously help to handle file with 20, 50 80 layouts.

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Hi @Trav, I went through the layout attribute text and Block attribute text. What a booster :star_struck:, it is splendid. Just keep on doing these beautiful enhancements :slight_smile:

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@petumatr thanks! Great to hear that we’re making good progress!