(Bug / Wish) copy Textfields related to Objects

This issue came up in a more complex context on this topic

current behaviour example

draw a curve (crvA)
have length and Area as Textfield (using ID of crvA)

copy curve and Textfield
resulting in crvB
the new Textfields still will reference crvA

desired behaviour

if a copy-Action is copying texts / dims with textfields and the referenced objects,
the new text/textfields should reference the new, corresponding textfields.

or if you want to go more explicit:
An ID might get an additional character similar to excel absolute / relative reference

               dollar sign indicating absolute reference - no update

TextField_copy.3dm (2.9 MB)

nothing my daily work depends on, but it s one of those many small issues, that make a programm behave more intuitve.
thanks - kind regards -tom

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You could also use the self referencing variant if you want to copy and paste:
So this works on any curve:


or using the match attribute button (works also if the curve length is referenced by its ID

sorry my is about Textfields as described here, not about ObjectUserText.

Did I miss something ?

thanks for having a look at this topic - cheers -tom

sorry, I misread your post,

that would make sense indeed.
RH-82946 Copied referenced textfield should reference copy



If you solve this problem it would be great in everyday use.


Until there’s built in support you might try the hidden TestMatchAnnotationFields it sorta does some of this by copying an existing Annotation that has a text field and replaces its function with another object that you select. Not the ideal solution which is why its a test command, but can save a little bit of typing.

This is a practical example of how, after duplicating my “layer” ( duplicate layers and objects) and after moving my layer with the object (sole), using non-uniform scaling, all the dimensions updated except for the curve length dimension command. Now, what I do to avoid wasting more time is to delete the dimensions of the other two newly created objects and redo the dimensions.

Quotature che non si aggiornano.3dm (1.4 MB)