Copy without moving


I’m looking for a script that allows me to copy an object without it moving automatically.
Do you have any ideas?

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moving is optional

thank you for your answer,
but I didn’t understand (I start in rhinoceros 3d)
is this a script I need to modify?

in rhino when you use the copy command there is an inplace option.


you can use the File>Properties>Aliases to make an repeatable shortcut.

Something like this if you preselect the objects.

agree, but is it not possible to create a “new copy tool” with the directly validated “Inplace”.
I think it’s easier than creating a shortcut.

thank you

just Ctrl C - Ctrl V will paste the object in the same place. if you want you can make a new layer and then , copy objects to layer.

It’s the right mouse button on the Copy icon…

I don’t have this function on the right click of my mouse.
I am used to model only with the 3d rhinoceros buttons, so for me if the slutions you propose are interesting, they don’t interest me.
This is why I am looking for a script that allows the copy tool to launch directly with the “InPlace” function

Thank you for your answers

It’s in the default .rui file. If you don’t have it, well, you have somehow modified your workspace file. You can put it back in again if it has gone missing.


I don’t know what OS Remy is using, but on the Mac (5.4.2) there is a difference in where you are using the Copy button. In the main/primary palette, the Copy button can indeed be clicked with the RHB to activate the “in place” option.
However, in the “Transform” palette, the Copy button is always without that option activated, both by LHB or RHB. Of course the option is still shown, but it is not a one-click operation.

Thank you Helvetosaur for your answer, when I open
the button editor and type the command"! Copy_Pause_InPlace" in the “left mouse click” tab

it doesn’t work

Do you have any idea?

Thank you. Thank you.

You need spaces between the terms…

_Copy _Pause _InPlace

It doesn’t work either



It should, despite your cracked copy of Rhino. Your last image of the command line still shows no spaces. Note also that it’s in the right mouse button box, not the left.

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I copied exactly the line you gave me with the spaces

! _Copy _Pause _InPlace