Duplicate specific distance / Repeat shortcut

I was wondering if there is a way to repeat a transform/copy command?
I like how in Illustrator you can for instance copy/drag or rotate an object and then press ctrl+d to duplicate that command with the same distance to the previous created object.

You can see it in this video (sound not needed):

I know in sketchup you can do something similar by, after finishing the copying while moving, typing in “x3” in case you want to have 3 times that operation.

I know there’s the array commands but it would just be a bit easier sometimes if I quickly want duplicates of the same object with the same spacing in between to just drag/copy it with gumball and repeat that.

Check out the command line options in the Copy command - after you have placed the first copy…

FromLastPoint=No/Yes UseLastDistance=No/Yes UseLastDirection=No/Yes

If you set all three to Yes, you will be able to create multiple copies in a linear array. Since it’s painful to click the command line 3 times, I created a macro called from an alias (I use ‘ddd’).

_FromLastPoint=_Yes _UseLastDistance=_Yes _UseLastDirection=_Yes

I start the copy command, select my objects, place the first copy at the distance/direction I want, type ddd/enter and then continue placing copies until I’m done.

You can also create a full macro that starts the copy and sets the options and use it with an alias or on a toolbar button:

! _Copy _Pause
_Pause _Pause

HTH, --Mitch

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I guess what I’m more after is when I press the alt key and move something with gumball that I would be able to press a key or command and it repeats that. Instead of starting with a command in the first place.
If this doesn’t exist, maybe this could be a nice feature for implementing in Rhino6?

No one else that would find this useful?

Hi Siemen - in V6, the Gumball remembers the distance, so you can Click or Alt-Click (to copy) an arrow, type in a number, Alt-Click again and the number will be there, Enter will make it happen. Dunno if that helps.


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