Copy + Paste between revit files through RiR

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to create a parametric way to load system families (basically walls and railings) from a core file into other Revit files.

According to the Autodesk Support, the easiest way to do this is copy pasting walls between files:


I tried to do this in some ways with native components from RiR but couldn’t get the wall types to cross between files.

Is there anyway to do this transfer process?

Thanks in advance!

Current we don’t have a specific copy and paste component. But I made a quick one in python so you can use it in your workflows. It takes a series of elements, and a target document and copies them over:

Play with these files: (8.7 KB) Source.rvt (348 KB) Target.rvt (344 KB)

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Thank you @eirannejad ! It worked!

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