Copy of a layout denies altering view

I like my layout and copying the main file and giving it a new name Plan13 subject XYZ (it was Plan 12) I can use it for my next object that exists in Plan 12, …oh no I cant, it wont let me change the views in layout mode.
Perspective insists on staying as such, activate or deactivate makes no difference, and any of the detail panes are all afflicted.
Only way is to make a new template or delete the details,
Is this a known issue ?

No doubt ok in V7.
I have over 20 plans to make, but something is holding onto my belt and I am partway through the finishing tape. then backlog then win10 then v7.


Steve -

No - and I can’t make it happen in Rhino 5 either.
Can you start a new file, create a box, create a layout, copy the layout and attach the file here?