Coplanar script

I used to have a script (written by Pascal, I think) that told you if two planar surfaces were coplanar. I forgot to copy it over when I did a fresh install and have now lost it. I’ve searched the forum and Pascal’s scripts on the McNeel site but can’t find it anywhere.

Can anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks.

If it is mine, I should be able to dredge it up - I’ll poke around and add it here if I find it.

@MisterB - this must be it (1.1 KB)

Drag and drop to add the alias Coplanar


Thanks, Pascal. Much appreciated.

Thanks again, Pascal. That’s the one. I find it very useful and am glad to have it back.

Hi Pascal,

I saw food for Rhino introduced a script section. Might be good to have your scripts trickle down* over there?

*not sure if trickle down is the right idiom


Yep, that is the idea… it’s on my pile to do this, so far I’ve only put one little plug-in over there as a test of the process.


So you got a pile on your pile. :wink:


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I can’t help it, yes it’s true.


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A bit late here as I have been pretty busy with other stuff, but here’s a slightly different variation - also a Python script, so it will run on Mac. It will select either objects strictly co-planar with a given planar curve or planar surface, or any planar objects on a plane parallel to the selected object - there is a command line toggle between the two if no object is preselected. The set option is sticky within any given Rhino session - defaults to strictly co-planar on first run in a new Rhino instance. Works with a pre-selected surface or curve, will ignore non-planar objects or multiple pre-selections. Selects only the type of object first selected - if a curve is selected, only curves are considered, if a surface is selected, only surfaces are considered.

Edit - updated version, the previous one had a small selection bug. @MisterB (4.6 KB)


Thanks. Mitch. That sounds like a really useful script, I’ll give it a try.