Improve Planar Booleans

Why not support command Intersect coplanar surfaces And

Difference coplanar surfaces Choice of multiple surfaces

While waiting for this to be implemented, you might try out the scripts below. Let me know if there are any failures, I had to re-write one today to workaround a Rhino BooleanDifference bug. (8.7 KB) (8.3 KB)

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Yes, that does work. There will be some manual clicking to do to define the regions to keep. The scripts run like normal 3D booleans (in fact that’s what they do behind the scenes) - choose a set of base surfaces, a set of surfaces to subtract with and go.

Since the native Rhino planar Boolean commands likely won’t be updated for V8, I might look into modifying the scripts to also accept coplanar curves in addition to surfaces.

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Hi -

I’ve added this thread to RH-60379 and RH-60378.

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