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Ive a question about measurement. We measure points with a tachymeter and every point gets a name. After that we check points, we have a nominal dimension and also a actual dimension. With excel we compare the coordinates. Now I have to import the coordinates to rhinceros. For each point Id like to create a point with the name. How can I do this with the excel-file? How must the excel file look like? Has anybody a submission of the excel-file for me? I know its possible to import the points, but its without a name…

And the second question is the export of the coordinates with the name. How can I export the coordinates into a excel-file. I really hope that there is a possibility, because I have to measure so many points in the next month.

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Both import and export are relatively easily done. For the import, if the Excel file was in a format X Y Z Name (4 columns) would that work? How do you want the name to be attributed to the point? Is just using the object name OK?


Attached is a script to try out that will import points from an Excel file (.xls or .xlsx) and attribute an object name to each point created (if a name is present, otherwise nothing). The format needs to be X Y Z Name (4 columns) as above. This can be easily modified if you need something different. The export script is also easy, but I will wait until you have tried this one.

As this is vacation time, I am moving around a lot, I might not be able to do anything else until much later today.


ImportExcelPointsWithNames.rvb(1.0 KB)