Coordinates displaying from last saved CPlane

Is this intentional?

Basically, the circled coordinates are my last saved CPlane. I’ve since jostled the CPlane around and returned it to “world”. It doesn’t hurt having it there. I just wonder if it’s intentional. And if so, is there some way to make it advantageous? R7 did this too.


I noticed that too when doing a quick render for Your best Rhino Rendering mini challenge . t was very annoying. Only closing Rhino and reopening the document helped.

Logged as RH-80012 Coordinates displaying after enabling named cplane.

Hi Keith -

If I understand this correctly, you have created a named CPlane?
If so, this behavior is by design.
When a named CPlane is selected in the panel, that CPlane will be shown in the viewport.

To make that disappear, simply deselect all CPlanes in that panel.

I suppose then when the panel has no longer focus the CPlane axis also should disappear. Especially once you start changing the cplane through the viewport context menu.

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Also, you cannot make these widgets disappear if you had a named cplane selected when you closed the named cplanes panel. Reopening it and trying to select and deselect the named cplane doesn’t help. You’re now stuck with these until restart of Rhino (or reopen of document I guess?)

It’s the smallest of small bugs and doesn’t really affect anything. It’s just appearance based. And does disappear when you open/close.

That is what I said :slight_smile: