Wish: Show all CPlanes simultaneously to pick the desired one manually


I just wondered is there a way to simultaneously show all saved CPlanes in the viewport so that the user could pick the desired one without having to browse each CPlane from the “Named CPlanes” pop-up window? Basically that could work similar to the “Show selected” command but used to select the Cplanes instead of objects.




Additionally, it may be helpful to have CPlanes get attached to 3d objects (or vice versa). If that is implemented then selecting an object could easily be implemented to highlight the CPlane in the list.

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Yes, I also thought about that functionality recently, but always forget to post it. Great idea indeed! :slight_smile:

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Hi Bobi - use

_-NamedCplane _Select to see them all on screen as little icons - you can click on the one you want.


Ah, that works like charm! :slight_smile: Thanks, Pascal!
By the way, is is possible to see the CPlane names next to each axis that represent the origin of the saved CPlanes, or at least in the tiny mouse tooltip window while howering over a certain CPlane prior selecting it?

P.S.: Also, what do you think about Ivelin’s idea to be able to assign objects to certain CPlane so that selecting an object or showing its control points automatically switches to the corresponding CPlane?

P.S.2: Another idea is to be able to make a Mirror copy along the World X and Y (and why not even Z) while a custom CPlane is activated. Currently, if such a CPlane is the active plane, it’s not possible to make mirrored copies along the World axes. Imagine having to constantly switch between one or more custom CPlanes and the Top CPlane (’_CPlane _World _Top) every time you want to make a mirrored copy. :slight_smile:

Hi @ivelin.peychev
Isn’t that the Mplane command?

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@Normand, good point.

But the coordinate system (Cplane) that is created is not in the list of Named Cplanes. And I really don’t know how to access it from there.


Long time ago I tried the “MPlane” command, and I also did so now, but it’s quite slow and requires multiple mouse clicks to set it again to the assigned object by picking the “Refresh” option in the command prompt. The Mobile construction plane will not activate by itself upon the first mouse click that selects the assigned object or after showing its control points.

Good point! It certainly would make sense for Mplanes to show up as a named cplane - maybe by inheriting the object name? Possible added feature for V7 @pascal?


Got that - https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-54066




Is there any solution other than manual??

Hello - solution to what, exactly? Do you want to select planes by name or?


Is it possible to activate the Mobile construction plane upon the first mouse click that selects an object that was already assigned to it?

Hello - I think you want

_MPlane _Pause _Refresh _Enter


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Yes, that works better now. It’s not fully automatic, but is easily activated with a single mouse click on a custom icon. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I wonder is there a way to show multiple World axis icons in the viewport while their respective saved custom CPlanes are being selected simultaneously with the Shift or Ctrl key in the “Named Cplanes” list? That would be helpful to figure out where they are located in the 3d space, especially when deleting unnecessary CPlanes.

Also, there is no “Undo” option to restore a deleted CPlane.

And no pop-up window to ask for a confirmation to delete a CPlane or multiple CPlanes. Maybe these will be considered for implementation in Rhino 7?

Another idea. When a CPlane is active, can it be marked in the “Named CPlanes” list (with bold text or a colour) so that the user gets a clear idea which one is active at the moment?

A “Flip CPlane” command would be also nice. At the moment flipping a CPlane is somehow possible with the “Rotate SPlane” and using “X” or “Y” as an axis for the rotation and entering 180 degrees. “Flip Cplane” could use automatic “Y” axis to quickly flip the CPlane, OR bring “Flip along X” and “Flip along Y” option in the command prompt.

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I prefer simpler user interface:
When you click the world axis icon, similar icons appear on the screen. Each of them is CPlane widget. When you left-click the widget, its CPlane becomes active. When you right-click the widget, you change its CPlane. For example, you change stationary CPlane to mobile CPlane and you attach it to an object. When you click the world axis icon again, the widgets disappear.

I have another idea that I think will help many people who work with CPlanes. Upon creation or change of a CPlane, is it possible to make its grid flash for second (together with the coloured x/y/z major lines), so that the modeler sees a clear indication/confirmation for the new plane?
I have a gaming mouse with many buttons (Logitech G502) and have assigned the show/hide grid command to the integrated left and right buttons of the scroll wheel (left or right push of the wheel presses these buttons), so I it’s not that big of a deal for me to hit it twice in a second, but I assume that most Rhino users don’t have a mouse with such functionality who would benefit from seeing the flashing grid.

I wonder if a confirmation window upon deleting a CPlane will be added in Rhino 7? Considering that Rhino 6 can’t restore a deleted CPlane, that’s an important functionality that could save lots of troubles.

I don’t think I understand.
Each viewport has exactly one Construction Plane.
The Named CPlane tool lets you save the details so a saved CPlane can be restored to the current Viewport.

What exactly are are you expecting to be shown?
There is no saved pane geometry anywhere.

What problem would this solve for you that naming doesn’t?