Converting triangular mesh to squarish quad mesh?

How can I create a squarish quad mesh from triangular mesh with the ability to change the size of quads similar to an isotrim command?

like the following

I various weaverbird subdivision components but they create a quad mesh which is not aligned with the outer curves of the thin shell.

Currently trying for a four vertex shell as shown, I aim to replicate this quadmeshing onto more complex curved surfaces composed of triangular faces like these.

Shell work_quad (13.3 KB)

Any reason in particular you are triangulating and then trying to go back to quads? You can just start with and stay with quads.

Shell work_quad (9.2 KB)

The mesh plane only generates a rectangular plane composed of quad elements. And the mesh machine generates triangular mesh. If mesh machine could generate quad mesh as well for irregular planar geometry, then I can have the ability to choose between triangular and quad.

Shells with inorganic curvy plans like these.


How are these screenshots captured in which grasshopper file is there and the rhino resultant is placed as a polaroid photograph style?

But why do you need or want to use meshmachine when you can control the resolution of the quad mesh in the mesh plane component or subdivide later. And it begins and ends as quads. It just seems like you could skip using meshmachine, if you want quads.

For the picture: in grasshopper go to file>export quick image, and add in the viewport with one of the buttons on the top row.

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I edited my answer. Couldn’t catch with your speed.


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Unfortunately its not easy to go from tris>quads. Quads>tris is simple.

You may find some help in this thread Good luck. My suggestion would be to try to figure out a way to generate the meshes as quads in the first place.

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You could also look at the quad remesher in the WIP

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Okay. Thanks, I’ll go through it.

Yeah, that sounds more efficient like defining our base requirements from the origin of our process and then building upon it.

Any method to trim the mesh plane component with any closed curve polyline?

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I am in search of a dynamic ‘number slider’ kind of solution that generates lines in grasshopper itself based on the quad mesh, then I can place multiple pipes upon it, so as to simulate a bamboo gridshell.