What needs doing to this csv to have Rhino make this 2D shape as points?

V4…note …V4.
Attached a csv file (winzipped as csv not an upload file) created by an online prog for a NACA section.

The red line in the image below is what I need along with the chord line that runs from leading edge (blunt bit) to trailing edge (pointy bit !)
What do I need to alter in the csv file to allow Rhino to generate either the curve or a set of points I could then use Inerpolate Curve on.

could someone attach the csv file (zipit again) rhino needs so i can see the edits made ?

I wonder if it needs column headers or all the text taking out, Also should there be a column for z value, 0 I presume as this is a 2D shape

Importantly what are the exact steps to do to bring it in ?

I dont need the camber line (brown line) if that helps, though to have that created as well would be clever.
green lines not needed. brown kink at front shouldnt be there either !

chord line is the black line 0,0 to 100,0. but should be identifiable from points for red line anyway so not vital.

Not sure if different lines can feature in one csv.

This would be very useful to understand indeed for me.

naca2410-il.zip (655 Bytes)



Is this similar to this?


strewth, thanks but I cant see me understanding that, and anyway I dont have the data and cant get it in Selig format.
I am happy for Rhino to plot the points then I myself use InterpolateCurve tool to join them up.

I have tables of old aerofoil sections that again are not Selig.

I need to know how a set of x and Y and maybe z data can be used to create points. so posters see my csv file.

I shall store that other method, might come across a need for it, if I ever understand that coding, one day.


Edited file attached.

CSV files for import into Rhino as points should have only numeric values; first is x coordinated, second is y coordinate, third is z coordinate. Missing values are interpreted as 0. I removed the lines with text info. Saved as a .3dm file so I could upload here.

Note there are three points at 0,0. Use only one of the points when creating interpolated curves. Repeated points can cause problems.

Steve1points.3dm (13.8 KB)

Hi Steve,

What you cando is manually edit the csv file.
The build in windows wordpad can open the file. it looks like trhis:

Next you need to delete all but the list op points you want:

Save as a file with .csv extention.

It will import in Rhino like so: