Import point clouds via laser scanner, mesh the points

Hi all,

Brand new to Rhino. Have researched and found some similar threads.

But still having trouble.

Question 1 - When I import a sample PLY point cloud file, nothing shows in Rhino 5.
Question 2 - Can Rhino import PTS files (large pt clouds) and mesh them? I’m guessing Rhino would mesh it better than Meshlab, correct?

We would be importing large, high-density point clouds from a laser scanner (Faro Focus X330) in PTS format.

Thank you in advance if you have time to respond.

Please post the file or email . I’m not sure why you don’t have anything in the file, it might be the file itself and where it was saved from and with what settings or it might be a display setting.

pts is a supported file format. There are lots of ways to make a mesh from point clouds. The MeshFromPoints command, Grasshopper, Grasshopper add-ons like WeaverBird and Milkbox to name a few.

Hi BrianJ,

Thanks so much for the quick reply.

I think it may have been the files I was trying. I did finally get one to work. (237.7 KB)

The bunny045 file didn’t work. But the bunnyZipperRes3 file did show in the viewport. But the bunnyZipperRes3 file was already meshed. I need to see just the point cloud so I can try out Rhino’s point cloud meshing tools.

Thanks again.

The command line reports back “Failed to read the file header properly. Cannot continue.” when trying to open the 045 file. I see the file is dated 1996, so maybe there was a common file header 20 years ago that is no longer recognized. I changed the name of both files to use the txt extension and then compared them in notepad. I’m not sure what to change in the header that doesn’t work but perhaps @tim would have a suggestion.

This doesn’t work because the file has a range grid in it. See I’ll see about getting hooked up sometime. Not sure when, definitely V6 though, not V5.


Seriously? You guys just jump into the forums and then the issue gets put on the roadmap for next version of Rhino or two? That’s awesome. Wish all 3D software had that kind of support and easy-going style. (Not that the issue is guaranteed to be in V6, I know, but still.)


Hi BrianJ,

Thanks for that info. That was just a sample file I found online. For some reason, I’m having trouble finding up-to-date sample point cloud files to test with Rhino. Do you know of anything available?
Something like a laser-scanned landscape or something would be great. I’ll keep searching.

Thanks again.

I’d look at scanner manufacturers for sample point clouds…