Converting an stl file back to 3dm

I’ll admit it, I screwed up! I created a model and saved it as an stl file and didn’t save it as a 3dm file. I used the stl file to print a beautiful model. Now I want to send an igs file to molding companies for quotes, but it turn out that while Rhino will open the mesh file created by the stl format, it will not allow saving it as an igs file.

Any tricks or ideas out there?

BTW FWIW, I love the Form 2 SLA 3D printer. It seems slow, but it does a great job and my current print success score is at 93%. The only failures were my fault not the printer’s.

you are kinda screwed. You’ll need to reverse engineer it or rebuild it. Getting from mesh to nurbs is fairly difficult, requires some specialized tools and a bunch of skills-

try rhino reverse, or rhino resurf- both reverse engineering plugins-

best of luck-

Wow, you’re just full of good news! :roll_eyes:

In the old days, 46 years ago years ago when I was doing ink on mylar with a Leroy lettering set (look it up :grin:) we would say “back to the drawing board”. Yes, I have been doing this for a long time, I’m 72.

footnote: That’s why I was an early adopter of AutoCAD in 1982. I always envisioned 3D, it took long enough to arrive!