Convert Vray Max (.mat) to VrMat

this might have been asked thousand times before. I did numerous search on google and couldnt find a good solution so I decided to post a topic here.

is it possible to convert .mat (Vray 3.2 3dsmax Material) into a vrmat and then import it to previous Vray version (say ver 3.1 or even 2.4)?

I know a trick to import Vray mat from 3dsmax using Vrscene exporter. but the Vray version in Max is 3.2 while the other software can only use ver 2.4. once I import Vrscene in Lower Vray version, not only the material looks weird on the preview, it doesnt even render. ( render bucket stuck forever at 0% ) I guess there is an error during conversion with Vrscene.

the thing thats bugging me is that It doesn’t even work when imported to version 3.1 either.

does that mean exchange mat can only be done if I export and import Vrscene in the same version? even different service pack cannot handle it ? (3.2 vs 3.1)?

Im using Vray 3.2 in Max but having trouble to share files with my team who use Rhino (Vray 2.4)
and Maya (Vray 3.1)

Id appreciate any help.
sorry for my bad english.
Me No spik Inglizh


Never the lastest update of vfr…:dizzy_face:

This works for me:

So with Vray 3 for Rhino out now, is it possible to transfer materials between Vray for Rhino and Vray for 3DMax via .vrmat format?

As a general rule, I tell my students to only use the newest materials for each version of V-Ray. We have seen some problems with VERY LONG render times when materials are used from several versions prior.

Of course, the problem could be other things as well, so you never know for sure in a school environment with ‘public computers’ and people still learning.

However, I see MUCH faster renders – and fewer crashes – when students make their own materials from scratch.

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Hi Jarek,
It’s now pretty easy; you export a vrscene from Max and import it in Rhino!


Marc, Dave, thanks for the input. I will experiment with that!