Convert .mat to .vrmat

I haven’t been able to find any online converters.
Anyone out there have 3DSmax and vRay and free to convert 3 materials for me?


Give them to me here.
There is no standalone converter, but our code in Max can read the native max materials and can export them to .vrmat format

Thanks so much Nikolay

Sorry for the delay
here are the files from ham_by_igorstig.mat (2 materials)

the other two files are already .vrmat files. Wrong attachment I suppose ?

Thanks so much! Sorry for sending the wrong links.
Are you able to convert these as well?

Hi Nikolay,
Not sure what the issue is, but those files you converted don’t import into my asset editor…
I’m using V-Ray for Rhinoceros 6 4.20.03
Build: 03 Hash: 7ed8aa22a Date: Aug 7 2020

When I click on the Import Asset File button, and select either of the two files, nothing seems to import into my Materials list… Any ideas?


.vrmat files are versioned. The versioning itself backwards compatible, but the shader structure might not be. The Asset Editor will skip files that are newer than it knows of. This is mostly because it won’t be able to display it correctly, due to unsupported features.

You can open the .vrmat (xml text editor) and replace version="19" with version="16" it will open, but will display it wrong:

I strongly suggest you update to the latest V-Ray: 5.20.03 (5.20.04 is just around the corner), where everything is perfectly fine:

I uploaded the new files in the same folder

Most of the materials are quite complex and are better suited to be seen in a node editor. The Asset Editor use an auto-gen UI for the unknown plugins.

Furthermore there are texture maps that are missing files (not embedded in the .max files):

Thanks so much for your help with this Nikolay!