Why can't I import vray materials that I've downloaded?

I’m new to vray 3, and I when I try to import a material I’ve downloaded, it won’t show the material in the folder. The downloaded file comes with a jpeg and a .mat file. How am I supposed to import them?

Okay I was able to use a .vismat file. Does this mean in rhino you can only use .vismat files and not .mat files, which are much more abundant? I haven’t used rhino and vray in a long time but I remember being able to use this site:https://www.vray-materials.de/ - and its all .mat files. Am I missing something?

Hi Daniel,
You can open .vrmat and .vismat in v3. And don’t think we were able to open .mat files in the past, these are MAX files.
You should try to use v3 materials, they’re optimized and less likely to pose problems.
Or you can re-create older ones by starting fresh in v3.
The library that is included is quite exhaustive, be sure to have a look at them.