Convert text font and size automatically upon import


I am trying to create a template in Rhino that allows me to import a DWG created in another software, and applies overrides to properties such as font, text height and block scale. Is it possible to do this by perhaps setting up layers with predefined properties that will override those from the original DWG.

For example;
I import the DWG which has a layer called “LABEL_TREES” containing text. Upon import, all of the text is way too big and the wrong font.
The template that I imported the data into also has a predefined layer called “LABEL_TREES”, so perhaps this layer could have information stored within it somehow to tell the text what size and font it should be? Or are there global values somewhere that I can modify? Or would this require some kind of scripting or macros?

Essentially, I am trying to automate the conversion process as much as possible, since there can be literally hundreds of layers that need similar modifications.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Andrew- you would need some kind of post processing script, as far as I can see.


Thanks Pascal,

I am actually having some success by using Macros (the only scripting I am marginally any good at). This seems to work quite well if you can manage to set it out logically.
Below is a very simple macro of how to automate text modification for anyone who cares :slight_smile:

!_-SelLayer LayerName <= enter your layer name here, and repeat this line multiple times if you want multiple layers.
_Font ISOCP <= or whatever font you require
_Height 0.25

Hmm, it seems some of the underscores don’t show up in this forum, but hopefully you get the idea.

There may be a simpler or more logical way to do this conversion. Open to any other ideas, but otherwise it seems problem solved for now.