Change Model Space Scale in R7 - Script or Macro

We have multiple files received from another dept that require the following changes and was hoping to find either a script or macro I could set to a button for these changes that will work in R7.

“Model Space Scale” change to 1.
Adjusted text height: 2
Height 2.0
Text Gap .250
Text alignment: CENTER/BOTTOM

Thank you

Hello - Do you need the changes to apply to selected objects, or all objects using the same annotation style, or should these objects have overrrides to a style… so many ways it could go. The bad thing is I was going to suggest making a file with that annotation style and importing the style but that seems not macro-able, at least I don’t see it yet - it may take a script.


Hi Pascal - We would need the changes to apply to all selected objects (entire DWG file). Multiple files is an understatement on my part. It’s actually thousands of files. Looks like this is going to become part of our ongoing workflow.- Thanks for taking the time to review

So, the workflow would be - Open (or import? - import would make the whole thing much simpler I think) the dwg and apply this custom annotation style to all curves, save and close, move on to the next file, correct?

@wm_c - what units etc? is there an existing base style to work from?


We “Open” the existing DWG files and manually correct the model scale (set it to 1) and text formatting. We then make the edits to the 2D curves (and or 3D models) depending on the products we are working on. We then save that file out with the new name.

Yes, we work in Decimal Inches. Its important that when we save the file out, it does not become “unitless” (due to other programs these files get imported into). - Thank you Pascal!

EDIT: The base style unfortunately varies on what dept/vendor worked on it last. When I have the chance to use a new style I have been using one called SIMPLEX with all of the above formatting in the original post.

Is there any hope that we can be allowed import the Simplex style into each file as it is opened and use that? I mean, would that work with your needs for this?


Hi Pascal, I played with the annotation import when you mentioned it earlier. I did notice that I had to go in and change to the current style (from the original style) at which time all the font info had to be reset. I like the idea but it seemed to add to the workflow. Maybe I’m missing the finer points of this method? - Thank you

What I am thinking is that if the style exists in a file just as you like it, and you import it (ImportAnnotationStyles) and assign it to all the selected dimensions you’d be done - does that not do what you need?

(I am having a serious mental block or there is a bug, but I cannot assign an annotation style to a dimension in a macro at the moment…)


Thank you Pascal. I ran through the process of importing the Annotation style again this AM and noticed a couple of things. As long as I place the file that I use to import the style into my working folder, it will save my current work file in the correct working folder (otherwise it uses the import folder).

I also noticed that when I reopen the work file after save, it has “lost” the imported style “profile” and now has the old named style in its place (although the font info is correct).

On another note, didn’t Rhino include a keystroke macro generator, once upon a time? Maybe ive confused my CAD programs over the years.