Convert citygml to a readable format

I have a set of gis data (citygml files of houses…), the files are names *.gml
Does someone know a way of converting this stuff to a usable cad format like 3ds, dwg, obj. or anything else rhino is able to process?



OK, I found something really nice and free:

worked very well in my case



I’m experiencing the same problem here but your link doesn’t work anymore. what was it exactly?


Hello - dunno if this helps -


I refound it :slight_smile:



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Hi Walter. How did you end up getting gml data into rhino i wonder? Thanks in advance, Anika

look here :


I was wondering if anyone knows how’s the process act in reverse? Like, how to convert a Rhino file into CityGML format?

Might be a far stretch… But there’s Sketchup plugin called GeoRes.
So if you would export your files to .skp first, and process them with Sketchup… – I know! Not a particular convenient workflow.

Alternatively you can buy this Rhino plugin called Rhinocity.

Thank you for the reply! Do you know if there is a student license available for Rhinocity? And should I have Rhinoterrian as well?

I’m afraid I can’t help you with any of these inquiries…
Just found Rhinocity after a lot of googling – They seem to be really bad at SEO :laughing:

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Yeah… Thanks a lot anyways

How did you manage to make this work? Can’t get it to work…

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Any news here?

Hi there,
try this:
load your file, export to stl, import to rhino, mesh2nurb, that’s it…

Hi there,
this webservice is also an option:
For some cities that publish CityGML data, you can download it in various formats (also as .obj)

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