How to convert City Data (LOD2) to DXF with Rhino or Grasshopper

Hi, the public city office gave me two ZIP including 3D buildings, roofs, etc.:



Unfortunately I do not know how to make a 3DM or DXF from it. I tried to use Heron but it can not handle the .shp file correctly.
Hope that someone has experience with this kind of data.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Others tools read shp
Gismo ?

Gismo can not read local SHP files. It refers to public sources.

And @it ?

I received error from @it that the shape file format is not supported yet

Can you attach your .shp, .dbf, .prj file? Or send me the file via private message. Thank you.
Gismo is at the moment considering introduction of shp reader/writer. The functionality is actually inside Gismo, just not exposed as a separate component.

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Thank you a lot for contacting me. Please find my message with the files attatched.

Try GHopperGIS.
*Disclaimer: I am the developer.

My 3D data is not working inside your plugin. I will send you my files with PM