Convert brep to surface via contour curves

Hi! i am trying to convert my Brep model into a surface so that I can better add textures to it. However, i am not able to create a clean loft with the contour curves, which is probably due to the arrangement of the control points. Can someone help me and show me how to solve this problem? (8.3 KB)
schuhmodellV4.3dm (19.6 MB)

In general the recommended way for that sort of Topology is either a Mesh or a TSpline type of object. For advanced textures/effects/etc you should look at some dedicated subdivision app (the likes of Modo etc).

Hello - do you have access to the ‘full’ shape, without the cuts? you might have better luck in that you can get more consistent (i.e. unbroken) contours to loft - though, I’d say that is a hard way to do this if you need a clean result - what is the eventual goal, an image only?


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Here I’m trying to make a loft from a Brep. no, I want to create real structures that I can 3d print. The idea is to create a surface from a brep and use it to create different structures on it. That is why I have divided certain areas of the shoe. Can you also delimit the areas with lines in which the structure is created? So do I have to trim the surface at all?

Be that as it may. I’m currently trying to loft the last properly and am having a few problems. If you could help me with this, I would be very happy.

Uploading: schuhmodellV4_Surface.3dm… (6.9 KB)

@helenwiehr - your file did not upload, it looks like - please email to to my attention, with a link back to this topic in your comments so I know the context.