Lofting Curves from Brep to Create one Surface


I am attempting to turn my Brep into one surface so that I may panel it easily. I contoured the Brep and found an instance within the curve list where it would be trouble, so I culled that, and tried lofting the remaining index. However, nothing is being created.

I thought that it might be the number of control points on each curve, but when I try to analyze that it states “Data failed from integer to curve”.

Is anyone able to let me know what is going wrong?

Thanks in advance

Lofting For (151.0 KB)


I managed to get the loft component not to go red by setting a start point and by lowering the number of contours. However, the loft does not show anything. Also, the list length of the contours and the loft is 112, when I clearly do not have that many so something is happening organization of the information. However, I cannot figure out what. I have tried flattening them but it does not work.

Thanks in advance (153.9 KB)

Hi Brenden,

Unfortunately I get a bad loft:

You need a single point which I just used the bounding box and got the bottom most corner.
The loft is then flattened, however you will need to work through the loft options for a good (156.2 KB)

Thanks for the response!

I was unable to do this through the method shown. I think the geometry has multiple parts that split off and have very different outlines/lengths etc. I simplified the geometry and now it works fine for the purpose that I need it for.