Convert a trimmed to an untrimmed surface

Hello guys,
I am trying to build a elliptical cylinder where I have to trim the same cylinder with two other elliptical cylinders.
The trouble is, I wish to place a diagrid on the surface, and although I can trim it, I dont want the diagrids to end abruptly at the ends. Is there any way, such that the diagrid takes into consideration the boundary edge of this surface as the boundary of the diagrid. I’m attaching files for the same. Kindly help (12.1 KB)
Untitled.3dm (84.4 KB)

@rajaa, can PanelingTools help here?

Usual ways are to use mesh and mesh typologies. This question is asked many many time on the forum, give a search in the search bar. Most use something like Mesh Machine to get the triangulation.

Could you add a picture/sketch how you expect it to look like?

It is not clear what the user would like to achieve. Other users are asking the right questions. I’ll keep an eye and help if needed.