Diagrid on a curvy 2d surface GH

Hi guys, so I am new to GH and I was wondering how to triangulate a surface in grasshopper that is not a perfect rectangle. I wanted to create a similar effect for what the triangulate command does but with diamond shapes. The surface I wanted to apply this grid looks like this (attached). Do you guys have any tips?

PS. My problem is that when i try to use the diamond grid it turns the surface into a rectangle

Thnak you very much

hi, the surface turns into untrimmed, if the surface is planar you could use region trim, if its not with the srfClosestPts distances. see attached:

file:20171129_Diamond.gh (14.3 KB)

Not sure whether you wanted a diagrid or a tessellated surface, as they are distinctly different, tessellation will result in trimmed surfaces:

shape_surfaces.gh (21.2 KB)

thanks guys! this helped a lot!

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