Controling Shadows


If I select a light and go to the Properties panel the only control I see is Shadow Intensity. Are there any other shadow controls in Rhino specific to lights?

Also, do the shadow controls work in the Neon viewport? When I turn shadows on in the Raytraced with Neon viewport, adjusting the controls has no visible effect on my screen.

By the way - considering that it’s free, Neon is a great little renderer.


There aren’t many shadow options for the built-in renderer, what you see is what you get. The controls do work for me in Neon, you do have a ground plane for the shadows to fall on?

Neon’s not technically a “renderer” since it has none of the interface stuff you need to set anything up, it’s technically a raytraced preview mode, it’s emulating whatever the current renderer can do, which isn’t much in the case of the built-in one. To see everything it can do you need the Brazil demo.


Granted, it’s not V-Ray or Maxwell but nonetheless I just sent something to a client straight out of Neon and it was fine. And it didn’t set me back a thousand dollars.

Yes, I do have a ground plane but the shadows remain the same no matter how I adjust the controls. Maybe I should shut Rhino down and open up to see if that helps.

Thanks for the reply.