Post Processing Rhino Render - Change Shadow Opacity?

Hi everyone!

I am a little lost here and I wonder if someone could shine some light on the matter.

I am using Rhino 6 renderer, and sometimes I want to change the opacity of only the shadow of the objects.
One way of doing this is to open the render in photoshop and select the shadows with the magic wand. Obviously this is a very tedious and manual process that often does not yield good results.

I was wondering if there is an easier way to do this, using the alpha channel or something of the sort… why isnt there a shadow channel from Rhino’s Renderer?

The way I do this is to change the color of the shadow from BLACK to one of the shades-of-grey in RH-5.

I PAUSED on migrating to -6 awhile back, as too many of these kinds of issues were still causing too much pain. I MAY check it out again soon,
but for now …
it remains RH-5/Rendered Mode
NEON set to 20seconds for a DENSE scene and 15 secs for anything “Moderately dense” or less for absolutely STUNNINGLY SHARP and clear results that I can manipulate, within the limitations of the NEON operating mode…

RHINO-Render sometimes when it becomes necessary, but otherwise its -
90% Rendered (Shaded and Ghosted in there too - as needed) Mode,
9.5% NEON,
5% RH-Render.
when I want as near ZERO seconds per frame as I can get in a BONGO-2 Render, I stick to Rendered Mode or Ghosted, as appropriate.

If a FEW seconds are ok, say 15-30 seconds ( SECONDS !!! ) delay per frame is allowable, then NEON may offer the image result I need in my animation.

IF I need to go to RHINO Render and can survive ~60 seconds per frame, I’m still WAY ahead of my competition, offering them check-run animations by tomorrow afternoon, as opposed to RH-6 Raytraced or worse, requiring sometime near the end of the week or into NEXT week, with only marginal results.

Hope these tips offer some help -

@ShynnSup, you can change the shadow intensity for a light source in the light properties panel for the selected light(s).


Rhino Render in v6 will be able to render with that.

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