Are there any controls for shadows in WIP (ray traced?)

The intensity slider does nothing to soften the shadow and it interferes with the clarity of the light when it’s reduced
Are there any other controls that I haven’t found yet?

Shadow intensity isn’t supported yet, but it is on my list.


Intensity is one aspect but softness is another. Right now, shadows look like geometry because the edge is so sharp. Being able to make the shadow lighter will help but at minimum there should also be a control to adjust the fall off of the shadow also.

Hi Alex,

you might try using a rectangular light to get very soft shadows, then experiment with size, distance and intensity to tweak it.


I deleted the spot and replaced it with a rectangular light and that got me closer to what I want.

The Cycles lights have ‘softness’ controls, but Rhino lights don’t have those, so it is currently not possible to control that for Raytraced mode. I would think that eventually this kind of control could be added. I created a YouTrack issue here to track this.