Controlable Points on surface

Hi, I am very new to grasshopper and I want to make a simple script. I have made a surface that needs some controlpoints to move around in the x,y,z direction, with sliders. I’ve drawn a red circle around the reference points. Points 1 and 3 need to be able to move around in the x,y,z direction. Points 2 and 4 stay fixed on the position they are right now. And point 5 only needs to move in the z direction. So if somebody could help me out what to do in grasshopper step by step so I can learn from this process.Thanks in advance!


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This is out of hand. I’ve adopted a new coping strategy. I ignore for two months every person who starts a thread without attaching a GH code file, unless the code is truly unnecessary (which is rare).

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

I don’t know how to start so my GH file would just be the surface that is selected. So what is the next step in the proces? What do I have to do to make control points on my surface first of all.

So I have made the sliders for my controlpoints
But how do i make them control the points?